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Passenger Assistance Options

Passengers have many options for passenger assistance at Brisbane Airport. Some of these options require payment while some are complimentary. The majority of these services listed below are at no cost to the user although some services are offered in conjunction with a paid service such as a coach or rail transfer.

General Transport Operators providing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Train – The Airtrain is a privately-operated service, which connects to the Queensland Rail network and provides a direct connection between the International and Domestic Terminals and Brisbane City, and the Gold Coast. Other destinations in Southern Queensland are accessible by the broader Translink network

Taxi – Yellow Cabs (P: 13 1924) and Black & White Cabs (P: 133 222) are the two officially recognised Taxi Services in Brisbane and Both operate on a 24hr Basis.

Bus & Coach – Translink operates bus services in Southern Queensland. Greyhound Australia operates coach services from Brisbane Airport to a range of destinations across Australia.

General Transport Operators Wait Times for delayed passengers

Scheduled Services – Scheduled Bus, and train services will not wait for delayed passengers, some will delay the last service of the day until all pre-booked passengers have arrived.

Private Charters – Most private charters will wait for delayed passengers

General Transport Operators Terminal Transfers

Terminal Transfer Bus – Free service runs every 10 minutes from 4:30am to 11pm, see Terminal Transfers for more information.

Airtrain – The Airtrain runs between the terminals from 5am to 10pm, this is a paid service.

Taxi – Taxis are available for terminal transfers 24 hrs a day

Operators providing Assistance with Baggage

Baggage Wrapping – Protectabag will wrap your baggage, golf clubs, boxes, carry bags baby buggies and car seats giving you peace of mind that they will arrive untouched at your destination. Protectabag operates in International Terminal from 5am – 11pm.

General Transport – All transport operators provide assistance with luggage into and out of their vehicles, although some operators have maximum baggage allowances, confirming allowances with the operator is advised.

Airline Terminal Assistance

Airline Terminal assistance can include: loan of wheelchairs for use within the terminal to board and disembark aircraft and assist passengers through terminals when pre-arranged.

Public Parking

Public parking is available for both long and short term periods at both terminals. Accessible parking is located through various Brisbane airport carparks.

Valet Parking is available at various Brisbane Airport carparks.